Want To Serve Cocktails At Your House Warming Party? Here’s The Liquor You’ll Need

If you're having a house warming party and want to serve alcoholic drinks besides wine and beer, then you're going to have to head to the liquor store, such as Universal Discount Package Store, and stock up. You only need a few things in order to make a variety of popular cocktails. You can print up the recipes online ahead of time and keep them handy in your kitchen. Below is a list of what you will need to get started.


Gin is a clear alcohol that is flavored with juniper berries. It's the main ingredient in a martini. There are many different brands of gin, some of them really expensive and others cheap. You shouldn't feel you need to get a top shelf gin, but you should try and get an English gin. These brands are well known and you can't go wrong with any of them. Stay away from really cheap brands that you've never heard of.

Dry Vermouth

Vermouth is a type of fortified wine. Some people do drink it straight, but it's most commonly used in making a martini and a Manhattan. These two cocktails are very common, so you will defiantly want to have a bottle of vermouth on hand. Make sure to choose dry vermouth and not sweet vermouth. They are often placed side-by-side on the liquor store shelf, but they aren't used in the same drinks.


Vodka is a must have. It's the main ingredient in screwdrivers, cosmopolitans, greyhounds, and vodka-tonics. You should look for a regular, unflavored vodka. It's become very trendy to flavor vodka, but you don't want a flavored vodka for mixing traditional cocktails. The popular countries for producing vodka are Poland, Russia and Sweden. Truthfully, most people won't be able to tell the difference, so you can choose whichever bottle you like the look of the most. Just stick with a name brand.


Rum is perfect for making sweet, tropical drinks. It's used in pina coladas, daiquiris, mojitos, and cuba libras. Rum is sold in two basic styles: light and dark. For most mixed drinks you are going to want to get light rum. Some drinks, such as a zombie, call for both, but if you're just making the more popular ones mentioned above, then you only need to get a light rum. These rums will be clear, as opposed to dark rum which has a more golden color. You should also stray away form "high proof" rum. These rums have too high an alcohol percentage and will make the drinks taste harsh. Just stick with a plain, light rum.