New To Craft Beer? Here Are Some Tips For Choosing And Drinking It

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the term craft beer. It is similar to micro-brewed beers, with some slight variations. A craft beer is a beer that was made in a small and independent brewery. It not just a small brewery, like with micro-brews, but one that is traditional, yet independently-owned. It is never a beer made by a larger corporation. Here are some tips for choosing and drinking your craft beer.

Know the Right Way to Try New Beer

If you are currently at a craft beer brewery and trying out new beer, you first need to know how to taste it properly. If you use the wrong method, you won't get the full effect and might end up declining on a beer that is actually quite tasty. The first rule of beer tasting is that you try more than one sip to get the full effect of the beer. The very first beer might seem a little too bitter or too sweet, but give it a few more sips before you throw in the towel on that variety. Take your time between each sip to get the full flavor and aroma. Also make sure it is served at the right temperature. Some craft beer is made to be cold, while others are okay at room temperature.

Read the Dates on the Bottle

When picking up craft beer in a liquor store or supermarket, pay attention to the label and look for the date printed there. There should be a date when it needs to be enjoyed by or when it was made. Look for the beer varieties that were brewed more recently, especially when you are trying new beer. This lets you know it is fresh, so that when you are tasting the beer, you get the best version of that brew. If it is a little older, it might taste stronger or more bitter than it was supposed to.

Try Multiple Beers in the Right Order

Many craft breweries will have you try a selection of different beers until you have chosen the one that suits you best. For this type of beer tasting, it is essential that you do it in the right order. You should always start with the lighter beer in the beginning, then move on the darker and stronger beers near the end. The brewery will likely direct you to the order of tasting the beers, so pay close attention to what they recommend.

Know How to Pair it

Just like wine, beer has a certain way of pairing it with food. Many beer drinkers enjoy it with a snack or meal, but this can make or break the flavor of your beer. With craft beer, you might to go with balance, having approximately the same strength and intensity, but really striving for a good balance. You shouldn't drink a bitter meal with a bitter beer as it ends up being too much. Instead, if you are having a bitter craft beer, go for a sweeter meal or snack. When you are having a sweet beer, enjoy a spicy meal.