Need Unique Adult Gift Ideas? This Option Is Perfect For All Occasions

If you need gifts or champagne for any type of event you're hosting, getting personalized champagne bottles is an ideal pick. You can have the labels printed with any type of color or font that you want and with any type of personal message you see fit for the bottles. Here are a few times when custom champagne bottles are going to send a great message.

Client Gifts

Are you looking for good ideas to send your clients around the holidays, beyond the normal food baskets or desserts? Personalized bottles of champagne with your name and a special message, or with your business name, will work. You can send these bottles for holidays, anniversaries, births, engagements, or for any other special occasion that may arise with the people that you do business with.


What is a great way that your guests can keep the party going after they leave your wedding reception? With personalized bottles of champagne that include the date, names and even location of your wedding. These are great gifts that you can have the guests use at the reception for a champagne toast if you want, or it can be something they can take home and enjoy on their own time.

Monumental Birthday Parties  

Are you celebrating a 21st, 30th, 40th, or another monumental birthday party? A great personalized item to have around the tables, along with other beverages, is personalized bottles of champagne. This is a great gift that can be stored and used as a decoration after the event is over to remember the special birthday, the party and the guests that the champagne was shared with.

House Warming

A great gift to give someone that is moving into a new house that has been built or bought is a case of personalized champagne. You can use the bottles to celebrate when you go to see the property, and they will have the bottles there when they are hosting other guests and parties. New champagne or beverage glasses are another great option to pair with this gift. 

If you are considering using a specific company and you worry about the taste, you'll want to have them send you a sample bottle so you can see if you like the champagne before you make a bulk order. You can get these bottles in full sizes or mini sizes, depending on how many people you want to serve or how many guests you want give the items to and how often you think you'll use them. 

For more information, talk with a company that supplies personalized bottles of champagne, such as MORENO BHLV, directly.