Five Show-Stoppers For Your Next Backyard Barbecue Or Block-Party

Instead of hosting the same old backyard party this summer, make it extra special with some clever show-stopping ideas. These features will make your gathering memorable, while also bringing an excellent focal point to the venue that will be enjoyed by all of your guests.

Five extraordinary features to use at your next backyard bash include:

Ice luges.

Try adding an ice luge to your entrance or on a table in the center of your space for a breathtaking feature that also serves a distinct function. The difference between an ice luge and an ice sculpture is that liquid, typically punch or alcohol, passes through the ice, providing a crisp, cold beverage to your guests in a unique way. Talk with a party planner to find ice sculptors in your area. Companies like Jacked Ice can help you find what you need.

Water feature.

A water feature gives even the simplest venue a captivating focal point, and could provide a way for young guests to cool off on a hot summer day. A water fountain brings an elegant, serene mood to your party, while a small, man-made pond may prove to be a great way for kids to splash around and have fun. It is easy to add a prefabricated pond liner to a yard, and these kits are typically found in home improvement retail venues for affordable costs.

Adult pinata.

A pinata is nothing new at a party or fiesta, but try changing things up a bit with an adult version. Fill the kids' pinata with candy, toys, and trinkets, but insist on the adults taking part in the fun, too. Fill a similar pinata with nips of spirits, lottery tickets, and comical toys to get the adults in on the action and in a festive mood.

Signature drink bar.

Set up a fabulous drink bar in the center of your venue. Spread out all of the ingredients, liquor, and garnishes that would usually be integrated in your signature cocktail, and use a chalkboard or sign to provide a basic recipe for those that want to make their own drink. This provides a fun way for guests to serve themselves, while perhaps learning how to create a new and tasty concoction.

Raised stage.

Talk with party rental companies about renting stages for your party. These provide a designated spot for guests to dance, while also serving as an excellent stage for performers or musicians to play. These items give the venue a true party atmosphere, and will encourage guests to get up and move.

Try these ideas for your next party, when you want to bring something extra-special to your venue. These concepts need not be expensive, and you may want to consider renting the items or supplies that you need from a party rental company. Guests will be impressed with the unique feature at your party, and will remember it for their own events.